Outstanding specialist in the field of hospital-acquired infections, Agnieszka Sulikowska MD, PhD, joins the Advisory Committee of Scope Fluidics

Scope Fluidics – a biotechnological company listed on NewConnect, owner of innovative medical diagnostics projects – appointed Dr. Agnieszka Sulikowska to be a new member of the Advisory Committee. The experienced doctor will support, with her competences, the Management Board in further development of the company, especially in the field of diagnostics of hospital-acquired infections and clinical microbiology.

Dr. Agnieszka Sulikowska is a renowned specialist in Poland in the field of hospital acquired infections. She works in hospitals as Clinical Microbiology and Infection Control Consultant. She obtained the Doctor of Medicine degree at the Warsaw Medical University in 2005. In the subsequent year, she obtained the title of specialist within the field of medical microbiology. Dr. Agnieszka Sulikowska is the author of many scientific publications about the antibiotic resistance of bacteria. For one of her publications titled “Antibiotic susceptibility of bacterial strains isolated from urinary tract infections in Poland” Dr. Sulikowska received the first degree scientific prize awarded by the Rector of the Medical University in Warsaw. She is a member of the Board in Polish Medical Hygiene Society – a non-governmental organization dedicated to infection prevention in medical institutions. Moreover, she is a member of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Polish Society of Microbiologists and Polish Society of Hospital Infections.

We are very happy to inform that another recognized specialist – Dr. Agnieszka Sulikowska – has joined our Advisory Committee. As a member of the Committee, Dr. Sulikowska will help us implement the Company’s strategic projects in the area of hospital-acquired infections. Dr. Sulikowska’s experience will effectively support the preparation of our diagnostic systems for pre-clinical tests and proper pre-registration tests, says Prof. Piotr Garstecki, co-founder, key shareholder and CEO of Scope Fluidics.

In December 2018 Scope Fluidics established a world-class Advisory Committee. The Committee consists of specialists in the field of diagnostics, microbiology and bacterial infections, who at the same time are experienced and successful entrepreneurs. The Committee was joined by international authorities, including Dr. Vincent Linder – author of over 300 patents in microfluidic techniques and point-of-care diagnostics and the founder of the diagnostic start-up Claros Diagnostics, which was sold to an industrial investor for over USD 50 million; Dr. David Wareham, a world-class clinical microbiologist from the renowned Queen Mary University of London and London’s largest microbiological laboratory; and Sarai Kemp, an Israeli specialist in start-up development in the field of biotechnology and life sciences.

The establishment of the Advisory Committee is an important element in the development of the projects (PCR-ONE and BacterOMIC systems) of the Scope Fluidics Group. The Committee’s representatives help the Company with their contacts among global manufacturers of medical-tech solutions, laboratories and clinics, as well as financial institutions supporting such projects. The involvement of such experienced collaborators increases the chances for the implementation of the Company’s strategic plans.