PCR|ONE will be presented at MedLab Middle East conference in Dubai

The PCR|ONE system, developed by Scope Fluidics Group, will be presented in February at the Medlab Middle East conference in Dubai, one of the world’s major events in the field of medical diagnostics. This year’s conference and fair, held in Dubai World Trade Center, will be attended by thousands of visitors from over 135 countries: physicians, diagnosticians, scientists, engineers, inventors of modern technologies and investors.

Scope Fluidics and Curiosity Diagnostics (the company responsible for the development of the device) will be represented at the event by Prof. Piotr Garstecki, CEO and founder of the company. The PCRIONE system will be introduced to the participants of a special series of Transformation Hub&Talks, during which the most important achievements in the field of medical diagnostic devices, developed by scientists and engineers all over the world, will be presented. The main topic of this year’s meeting is the future of laboratory medicine within the next decade

The topic of Prof. Piotr Garstecki’s presentation is: PCR|ONE: 15-minute Point-Of-Care PCR for screening and for syndromic testing. The PCR|ONE system will be presented on 4 February 2020, the second day of the conference, at 11.30 am in the Dubai World Trade Center.

The PCR|ONE system offers the world’s most rapid detection of bacteria and viruses – up to 20 different pathogens and drug resistance genes. The system is designed to analyse samples taken from a single patient in as little as 15 minutes, while its compact size makes it suitable for use in almost any medical practice or hospital admissions room. In recent months, the second series of pre-validation tests of the PCR|ONE system in ALAB laboratories was successfully completed. The results of the tests confirmed that the clinical parameters of bacteria detection is in compliance with the market standards and clinical requirements. The tests also proved the competitive advantage of the PCR|ONE system, i.e. a unique combination of time-efficiency and comprehensive character of the test for the presence of Staphylococcus aureus.