Scope Fluidics Appoints a World-Class Advisory Board to Accelerate the continued Dynamic Development of the Company

Scope Fluidics is pleased to announce the appointment of its Advisory Board comprised of world-class specialists in diagnostics, microbiology, and bacterial infections, as well as experienced and successful entrepreneurs.  These advisory board members will support Scope Fluidics in its continued dynamic development.

The Advisory Board was joined by:

– Dr Vincent Linder – Founder of Claros Diagnostics – a tech start-up spin-out of the Harvard University; it was sold to an investor for over 50 million USD. Dr Linder has also authored over 300 patents related to microfluidic and point-of-care techniques.

– Dr David Wareham, a world-class clinical microbiologist from the renowned Queen Mary University of London and London’s largest microbiological laboratory. Dr Wareham has a vast experience in diagnostics, treatment, and scientific research on bacterial infections.

–  Sarai Kemp, an Israeli specialist in development of biotechnological and life science start-ups, has many years of experience in the acquisition of financing, commercialization, and sale of projects, as well as leading start-ups in an international environment.

The Advisory Board’s task will be, in particular, to provide Scope’s Management Board with opinions and recommendations on current and future biotechnological projects developed by Scope Fluidics. Moreover, members of the Advisory Board will support the company with their contacts, including global manufacturers of med tech solutions, laboratories, clinics, and financial institutions which support all types of projects. The Advisory Board will also supervise the development of Scope Fluidics’ strategy, advise, and help the Management Board regarding new solutions and technologies on the market and in the scientific research area.

“The appointment of the Advisory Board is a major step in the development of our projects. Our projects have attracted interest of recognized international authorities. The Advisory Board will help us determine our strategy in order to reinforce our ability to identify the sectors of growth and transfer of specialised knowledge. It is of crucial importance to us that the Advisory Board was joined by such renowned persons. It not only influences our image – since it proves that those specialists believe in our business venture – but also provides us with tangible benefits, namely, rapid transfer of know-how form the most precious sources available. We are convinced that their involvement will positively affect the implementation of Company’s strategic plans”, says Prof. Piotr Garstecki, co-founder, key-shareholder and CEO of Scope Fluidics.

First comments of the Advisory Board Members:

Vincent Linder: “Scope Fluidics has created a great platform for translating innovative technologies into products that will improve diagnostics services for patients worldwide.  I am pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to the commercialization of promising technologies like the PCR|ONE that allows ultra-fast PCR diagnostics, and the Bacteromic system, both aimed at reducing antibiotic-resistant infections.”

David Wareham: “Antimicrobial resistant (AMR) infections are recognized as a global threat to human health that will undermine modern healthcare systems. Diagnostic tests, able to rapidly identify established and emerging AMR pathogens, are critical in any strategy aimed at tackling the problem. Scope Fluidics has now developed two novel testing platforms able to provide rapid and cost effective detection of AMR bacteria.  PCR|ONE offers direct detection up to 20 different AMR genetic markers in complex biological samples in less than 20 min. Bacteromic provides real-time detection of antimicrobial susceptibility to ca. 30 antibiotic combinations using enhanced phenotypic methods in hospital laboratories. PCR|ONE has the ability to identify individuals with resistant infections at the point of care, whilst Bacteromic enables selection of the best antimicrobial drug, correct dose and optimal treatment time. Both have huge potential to directly influence patient care and antimicrobial prescribing in the current era of AMR infections.

Sarai Kemp: „Two years ago, I met Scope Fluidics team when they just started as a young Polish academia-based start-up. I was impressed with the enthusiasm and the entrepreneurial vibe and drive. Since then, the company has achieved technological milestones and are in the right path to complete development of its first product. I admire what they’ve already achieved and I am excited to join Scope Fluidics’ Advisory Board and contribute to the success of the company”.