Scope Fluidics commences work on the New Diagnostic System

The management board of Scope Fluidics has decided to proceed with the preparation of an operational plan for a new project in the field of medical diagnostics, which is the company’s response to the FMCG industry needs. It is the third system in which Scope Fluidics implements the microfluidic technology. Scope Fluidics is the owner of innovative projects from the field of medical diagnostics. This biotechnological company is listed on NewConnect.

The new biotechnology project by Scope Fluidics involves the development of a system which, with the use of microfluidic technologies, will automatically test the microbiological safety of products for the FMCG industry, one of the largest market sectors. The company’s management board aims to create a product with a significant functional advantage over the products that are already on the market, similarly to the PCR|ONE and BacterOMIC systems that are being developed by Scope Fluidics. The New System is intended to target global markets.

The New System project has already undergone a detailed “proof of concept” analysis, which has proven that the concepts of solutions that are to be implemented generate the expected results – and thus confirmed that the company is able to get a competitive edge, which is a condition of launching the project. On the basis of this preliminary analysis, a significant potential has been identified to create an intellectual property portfolio protecting the New System.

The new project of Scope Fluidics addresses a similar set of values as the systems already developed in our group. We have chosen a project which will use the know-how of our team and the synergies with our technologies. With the experience of our organization and the synergies, we predict the rapid development of this new project – thanks to that we can maintain the pace in which our PCR|ONE and Bacteromic systems enter the market and at the same time undertake actions concerning the long-term value-building strategy for our undertakingssays Prof. Piotr Garstecki, CEO and founder Scope Fluidics and a key shareholder of the company.

Scope Fluidics plans to develop the New System in a similar business model as before, i.e. enabling the future introduction to the market and sale of the developed products outside the company’s structures.

Scope Fluidics creates medical diagnostic systems aimed to respond to the largest needs of global health care. The New System will be the third project launched by the company. The PCR|ONE system, already developed by Scope Fluidics, offers 15-minute point-of-care genetic diagnostics with a plan to have a four-gene test to detect SARS-CoV-2 admitted into the market later in 2020. The BacterOMIC system offers full information for targeted antibiotic treatments, with a plan to enter the market in 2021.