For years, we have been closely following the needs of the medical services and healthcare market. We gather knowledge, which is the basis for the innovative solutions we develop and implement, aimed at improving medical diagnostics and, as a result, the health of patients. In the Knowledge Base, we have collected a number of important substantive materials and studies with information about Scope Fluidics products, which make it possible to understand the mission and goals of our company in an even better way.

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  • 2021.11.15
  • BacterOMIC system with CE IVD certificate
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  • 2021.10.29
  • Szymon Ruta Medica 2021 invitation
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  • 2021.06.22
  • See PCR|ONE in action
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  • 2021.05.07
  • Scope Fluidics: European CE-IVD certificate for MRSA / MSSA panel
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  • 2020.01.30
  • Scope Fluidics – Meet us!
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  • What is the business profile of Scope Fluidics?
  • Scope Fluidics SA is a biotechnology company dealing with the development and development of innovative projects based on microfluidic technologies in the area of medical diagnostics and health protection.
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  • What entities are part of the company?
  • Scope Fluidics leads the group, which includes special purpose vehicles: Curiosity Diagnostics Sp. z o. o. and Bacteromic Sp. z o. o., established for the development of PCR|ONE and BacterOMIC systems.
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  • What is the PCR|ONE system?
  • The PCR|ONE system is a complete, independent system for the rapid detection of a wide range of pathogens at the place of healthcare provision – doctor’s offices, hospital emergency rooms or other places where it is important to efficiently and accurately diagnose the patient. PCR|ONE allows you to get test results in an extremely short time – just a dozen or so minutes!
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  • What is the BacterOMIC system?
  • The PCR|ONE system is a fully automated system that allows you to test all relevant antibiotics in one test and to test their combinations. BacterOMIC takes antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) to the next level by offering quantification of all clinically relevant antibiotics and the identification of synergistic antibiotic pairs.
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  • Where are the PCR|ONE and BacterOMIC systems used?
  • The combination of ease of use and speed of operation makes PCR|ONE an ideal solution for hospitals, laboratories, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, airports, pharmacies and retail outlets. BacterOMIC, as a response to one of the greatest challenges of modern medicine, which is drug resistance, is used in laboratories and hospitals.