Presentation of the PCR|ONE system at the MedLab Middle East conference in Dubai


grafikaThe PCR|ONE system, developed by Scope Fluidics, a New Connect-listed company, has gained great interest from market representatives and journalists during one of the largest medical diagnostics conferences in the world, namely MedLab Middle East, held in Dubai.

– Our talks in Dubai and the interest of potential business partners confirmed the high demand of the market for a diagnostic device for rapid and comprehensive detection of many types of bacteria and viruses, which is exactly what the PCR|ONE system is. The consultations held during the conference also proved right our assumptions regarding the development of a portfolio of diagnostic panels and pricing strategy says Prof. Piotr Garstecki, CEO and founder of Scope Fluidics.

Scope Fluidics representatives held a number of talks with distributors from many countries around the world interested in PCR|ONE technology, as well as investors and representatives of the health market from e.g. the Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Korea and Malaysia. The system has received positive comments from representatives of hospitals and laboratories, who noticed its importance in everyday, quick access to diagnostics

Great interest in the PCR|ONE system was also expressed by representatives of the medical diagnostics industry from China. We are currently continuing these discussions via e-mail, says Szymon Ruta, Member of the Board and CFO of Scope Fluidics

The change of market leaders in medical diagnostics is becoming a fact, with new systems, especially those implemented by large corporations, gaining and expanding their market share very dynamically. Our attention was drawn to the QIAstat-Dx system, which was taken over from a Spanish start-up two years ago, and today occupies an important place in the Qiagen Corporation’s product portfolio, – highlights Szymon Ruta.

Professor Piotr Garstecki talked about the PCR|ONE system at the MedLab Middle East conference in Dubai during the Transformation Hub&Talks series. It is a place where scientists and engineers from all over the world presented the latest solutions in medical diagnostics.

– Technology is changing medical diagnostics and health care significantly, and today we have an opportunity to observe this. It is very important to us that we take part in this process and contribute to faster and more effective access to medical information. The key to a breakthrough in medical diagnostics is precisely to make it easier for medical practitioners to access sufficient information, and thus increase the effectiveness of treatment, enhance patient comfort and reduce treatment costs – said Professor Piotr Garstecki, quoted by the international media.

The PCR|ONE system offers the world’s most rapid detection of bacteria and viruses – up to 20 different pathogens and drug resistance genes. The system is designed to analyse samples taken from a single patient in as little as 15 minutes, while its compact size makes it suitable for use in almost any medical practice or hospital admissions room.

In recent months, the second series of pre-validation tests of the PCR|ONE system in ALAB laboratories was successfully completed. The results of the tests confirmed that the clinical parameters of bacteria detection are in compliance with the market standards and clinical requirements. The tests also proved the competitive advantage of the PCR|ONE system, i.e. a unique combination of time-efficiency and comprehensive character of the test for the presence of Staphylococcus aureus.

The system is planned to be ready for sale in mid-2020.