Scope Fluidics aspiring to be awarded a prestigious Horyzont 2020 grant


Bacteromic – a company owned by Scope Fluidics S.A. Capital Group – is applying for funding for the BacterOMIC project under Phase 2 of the European SME Instrument programme. The grant is a part of a prestigious EU grant programme, Horizon 2020, with a maximum amount of EUR 2.5 million.

The SME Instrument is a very popular EU funding programme in which companies from all over Europe compete. Statistically, only 4-5 percent of projects receive funding. BacterOMIC is at the stage of preparing the first applications. In 2019, there will be 3 more chances to apply for this year’s grant pool, which is important, because hardly anyone is awarded the grant at the first approach. In the process of preparing materials necessary to obtain a grant, Bacteromic will cooperate with renowned experts.

Phase 2 of the SME Instrument is dedicated to projects which are at an advanced stage of development. The funding is meant to help refine the product so that it is ready to be launched on the market and ready for commercialisation. In this phase, the maximum amount of project financing is EUR 2.5 million. The exact amount of the grant requested by Bacteromic Sp. z o.o. will be determined during the works on the application for funding.

– In accordance with the previous announcements, we are making efforts to obtain further EU funding for the BacterOMIC project. The grant brings many benefits. If we manage to obtain it, apart from the financial factor, it will also be a very valuable experience on the international arena for us. We believe that the prestige associated with this programme would certainly help establish numerous business contacts. Thanks to this, we could have a chance to commercialize our project faster. The BacterOMIC system itself is supposed to be a recipe for antibiotic resistance, and in our opinion it has many advantages to exist on the global market of medical diagnostics. This can be evidenced, among others, by the recently received assessment of the European Patent Office, says Szymon Ruta, Member of the Board and Finance Director of Scope Fluidics S.A.