Completion of the first stage of the PCR|ONE project


Management Board of Scope Fluidics S.A. (the “Company”) would like to announce that the first stage of R&D works on the PCR|ONE system has been completed, in line with the schedule provided in Company’s Information Statement of 24 July 2017.
Completed stage: “Chip optimization and development of MRSA panel”.

As a part of the completed stage of the PCR|ONE project, an integrated microfluidic chip for fully automated DNA analysis – isolation of nucleic acids, their amplification and detection of the reaction product – has been created. Proper functioning of the chip was confirmed by a series of tests conducted on prototype PCR|ONE analyzers – their results show that the device operates with the expected efficiency.

This delivered milestone task is a key step forward in the development of the project. It confirms the possibility of creating a diagnostic panel in which the entire examination procedure will be conducted on a microfluidic chip.

Creation of the integrated chip was the greatest research challenge that our Company has had to face so far. It required the development of chip’s structure (microfluidic architecture, flow control, sealing method), and also procedures which would allow for conducting a complex process of DNA extraction automatically, within an enclosed microfluidic circuit. As a result of this process isolates are obtained, which may then be subjected to an ultra-rapid PCR reaction conducted in a prototypical device.

We believe that the timely completion of such a crucial stage of the project confirms the quality of R&D and process know-how we developed.