Scope Fluidics’ Management Board recommends payment of PLN 85.57 per share in the form of a dividend, which implies a dividend yield of approximately 30%


Management Board of Scope Fluidics S.A. (WSE:SCP) – a biotechnology company listed in the sWIG80 index, which in 2022 carried out the largest transaction in the history of the Polish market in the life science sector – has requested shareholders to pay PLN 233.3 million (PLN 85.57 per share) in dividends.

  • The proposed dividend date is 27 March 2022, and the dividend payment date is 31 March 2022.
  • Shareholder approval of the dividend in the amount proposed by the Company’s Management Board would imply a dividend yield of approximately 30%*.
  • In August 2022, Scope Fluidics sold 100% of Curiosity Diagnostics – the developer of PCR|ONE, a breakthrough system for rapid point-of-care PCR analysis – to US industry giant Bio-Rad Laboratories. The upfront payment of USD 100 million was recognized as PLN 466.4 million in the company’s annual financial statements.
  • If they meet the development, regulatory, and revenue milestones specified in the agreement, Scope Fluidics could potentially receive an additional USD 70 million based on the completed transaction.
  • In its other special purpose vehicle, Scope Fluidics is developing a second breakthrough medical device, the BacterOMIC system, which has enormous potential to combat the rapidly advancing global medical threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. BacterOMIC has reached an advanced stage of development with European CE-IVD certification received in 2021.

Professor Piotr Garstecki, co-founder and CEO of Scope Fluidics, as well as one of the company’s largest shareholders: – According to Scope Fluidics’ articles of association, at least half of the proceeds from the sale of shares in Curiosity Diagnostics should be distributed to Scope Fluidics’ shareholders. We anticipate that investors will appreciate the several-fold increase in Scope Fluidics’ capitalisation since its debut on the NewConnect market, as well as the proposed dividend payment from the Management Board. This support is crucial to Scope Fluidics’ continued success. We are committed to delivering on our intentions and declarations while actively planning for the continued growth of the Scope group.

Marcin Izydorzak, co-founder, Executive Vice President, and one of the largest shareholders of Scope Fluidics: – At Scope Fluidics, we develop and implement a scalable business model. We identify global challenges and market opportunities, create innovative products in order to make them available to international companies, and deliver above-average returns to our investors. The experience we gained from commercialising PCR|ONE is now being used to maximise the value of our next technology, the BacterOMIC system.

Szymon Ruta, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President: – As a result of last year’s transaction, we are in an excellent financial position. Assuming the General Meeting approves the Management Board’s recommended dividend, Scope Fluidics will have approximately PLN 95 million available to identify and develop new projects as part of the ongoing pursuit of dynamic value creation.

The proposal from the Scope Fluidics Management Board for the distribution of profits for 2022 has received a positive opinion from the Company’s Supervisory Board.

In accordance with paragraph 6(2) of Scope Fluidics’ articles of association “(…) at least half of the funds received by the Company during the financial year from unrelated parties as a result of the sale of shares, interests, convertible bonds, or organised parts of the company (…) shall be set aside for distribution to shareholders”.

Scope Fluidics develops innovative solutions for the medical diagnostics and healthcare markets. The Company’s operating model involves developing and validating a specific project, followed by establishing a special purpose vehicle to fully execute the project. Commercialising independent entities may involve the sale of the entire company, including its intellectual property, product development, supplier contracts, and grants.

Scope Fluidics brings expertise in finance, administration, and legal issues to the Group, which is shared by all companies within the Group. Scope Fluidics funds ongoing research and development work by transferring necessary funds to the SPVs and providing the required own contribution for EU funding.


*Based on the Company’s market valuation as of 17.02.2023.